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Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

Ages 6-10

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Social Detectives

The first course for  our Elementary Learner's focuses on expected and unexpected behaviors. Learner's become detectives of good social skills in fun investigative weekly activities. You are a Social Detective from Michelle Garcia Winner Social Thinking Curriculum.

Art Class

This course works on introducing self-regulation and coping skills to kids in interactive activities.

Kids with Capes

Social Academy 1

The first of two, Social Academy uses Michelle Garcia Winner's Superflex series to introduce Learners to the social "villian" that can invade their brains and impact their social and community skills.


Social Academy 2

In the second Academy, Learners will continue to discuss social issues that can impede their success in group situations. Learner's will also create their own Superhero Book to outline their social needs and the strategies they feel are most helpful to them.

Kids Dancing

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